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In the shade of the sun by Stu Pryke

The environmental stories for children complete collection by Stu Pryke


"These three beautifully-written stories will captivate the hearts and minds of children and the grown-ups who read to them. Stu's passion for the natural world, his knowledge of his subjects and his desire to make a difference for future generations are all encompassed in the trilogy."


Jo Ruxton

Former BBC Producer - Pacific Abyss & BBC Researcher- The Blue Planet

HK$200 for the complete set

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Mawgan Grace, Entrepreneur and airline pilot for Cathay Pacific

Rhino in the Air relates the plight of our rhinos and gives the reader an idea of just how resilient these beautiful creatures really are. It's a tale of Africa and relationships filled with love for the rhino... enjoy the read!

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Tracey Read, Plastic Free Seas Founder & CEO

The childhood I remember was like the beautiful idyll described in The Mermaid's Purse... This rich story celebrates all that is precious in life and everything that is worth protecting.

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Sharon Kwok, Director at Wild Aid and Executive Director at Aquameridian Conservation and Education foundation

Stu addresses the young reader in a way that will put further emphasis on the measures that must be taken to allow these animals to survive.

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